Clock Repairs

We Repair all Mechanical And Some Types Of Battery Powered Clocks.
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When we overhaul a clock movement we start by completely disassembling the movement. We then clean all the parts in an ultrasonic cleaning machine. Then all the pivot holes are cleaned out manually to be sure all the old oil and dirt is removed. All the pivot holes and pivots (Bearings) are closely inspected under magnification, Then pivots are polished and bushing work is done as needed. Mainsprings are cleaned lubed or replaced as needed. All gears, pinons, clicks, click wheels, verge, etc are inspected and the appropriate action is taken. The movement is then reassembled, lubed with a good quality clock oil adjusted and tested for at least one week be for being returned to its owner. The prices below are a guide only. Time only one winding hole or one weight = $150.00 to 250.00 Time and strike two winding holes or two weights = $225.00 to 375.00 Chiming clock three winders holes or three weights = 450.00 to 600.00 All prices are in AUD
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